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Welcome to the Team

Retrof8te was established in 2011 with the idea that we can make a positive impact one shirt at a time.  Each day we all can wake up and accept living life in a mental box or we can seek to accept our hearts true FATE.  Through each t-shirt concept and design there is always a message to remind everyone that we can achieve all of our goals through hard work and a true self belief that anything is possible.  "One Shirt At A Time" is what we use as a reminder that no matter the obstacles we will get to our destiny!

The founder of Retrof8te, Karl Hill, believes that in order for others to believe, you first have to believe, and with that he created the first design and logo image we now know as "Retro JOE".  JOE represents the mental box we live in and the star at the bottom of JOE's face is the life we can live once we step outside of fear for the unknown and seek our TRUE LIFE. Join the team, Its Your FATE. RETROF8TE!